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19th June 2003, 07:43

I want to do a vhs-capture with my tv-card ( pinnacle pctv rave ). In virtualdub you can use 3 modes for your source: tuner, composite and s-video.
I have a tv-card which handles s-video sources. My vcr has a scart-output/input, but no s-video connection.

I bought a scart adapter like this one (http://www.s-video.nl/media/copy_scart_56.jpg) and connected my vcr through a s-video cable from that adapter to my tv-card.

I always watch tv with Dscaler (which is the best tv software out there ;)). In Dscaler you have not 3 but 4 video input types. Tuner, s-video, composite and composite over s-video. Now this last one is a great feature for people in my situation. Because the output on my screen is almost perfect. I made some screenshots of the differences.
In total 5 pictures: 3 of the dscaler modes and 2 of the virtualdub modes.
DsCaler Tuner mode (http://www.elfare.cistron.nl/bestanden/DsCaler%20Tuner.jpg)
DsCaler s-video mode (http://www.elfare.cistron.nl/bestanden/DsCaler%20s-video.jpg)
DsCaler Composite over S-video mode (http://www.elfare.cistron.nl/bestanden/DsCaler%20Compostie%20over%20s-video.jpg)
Virtualdub s-video mode (http://www.elfare.cistron.nl/bestanden/vDub%20-%20S-Video.jpg)
Virtualdub tuner mode (http://www.elfare.cistron.nl/bestanden/vDub%20-Tuner.jpg)

You might think what the heck is my problem. Well my problem is that I can't use the feature "composite over s-video" in virtualdub which produces the best picture quality output. My tuner gives some vertical lines (which you can see here (http://www.elfare.cistron.nl/bestanden/DsCaler%20Tuner.jpg) if you look closely).
When I use s-video as my source to capture I get this (http://www.elfare.cistron.nl/bestanden/vDub%20-%20S-Video.jpg) and I want the best :D . If I could do a capture through DsCaler I would use it right now.

Is there a way for me to use my s-video through the scart adapter in virtualdub without getting that noisy picture.
Perhaps this post is a suggestion for the virtualdubmod programmers to implement composite over s-video as a capture source. :D

19th June 2003, 09:22
Im in the states so that cable is not really popular here. The
only thing i ever had one of those for was a psx years ago.

However im posting because i really think your SOL. Ive seen
how RF2svideo and composite2svideo look...horrible. In fact
i use a tv-out card to a tv now so my son can watch his movies
and play his games...and when i used the composite2svideo i
almost cried because i know i had to move a 100 pound tv that
accepted svideo so he could use it.

Now i have also seen how SCART2composite looks and that looks
just as sad. Atleast it did on psx. Your best bet would be to
get a different tuner.

I honestly cant say i have ever seen a adapter that would suffice
my taste in captures...infact i couldnt see anybody living with it.

I still dont understand why you cant do it they way you want. I dont
think the svideo via composite option or whatever improves that much..
atleast it didnt for me.

There is other apps taht have that feature though...i think :-(. I
think amcap has that and VirtualVCR maybe?

btw you need to sharpen the heck out of that picture...or else no
filter could help you...unless you satisfied with it as is.

19th June 2003, 17:41
I think I get the question...

The problem is the SCART adaptor is only broadcasting a Composite signal... It cannot split a composite signal into a HIGHER QUALITY s-video signal unless the source carries an S-Video signal as well.

The only way you will be able to get S-Video properly, is if you have a S-Video connector actually on the back of your box... The card is working fine, it just needs the right signal in the input.

I have a S-Video on the back of my Digital Satellite system, the quality is great (bar a few problems).

I used to have the same problem, till it was explained/I realised what the matter was.

Hope this helps


19th June 2003, 19:39
Thanks for the reply guys.

It make sense that the scart adapter can't split the signal through s-video correctly. I have to use the scart to watch the video via composite over s-video. But to record it I am now forced to use the tuner signal :( , because my vcr has no s-video.
Composite works on the other hand, but isn't that great.