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17th June 2003, 16:07
i wasn't sure which forum to stick this one into cuz it has a little of avisynth, divx5.05, and dv.

well i capture using dv and i used the canopus codec for this capture. it captures in yuy2. here is my script:

...(edited for relevance)

avisource("C:\Documents and Settings\Desktop\1-3.avs")fixbrokenchromaupsampling



TemporalCleaner(ythresh=8, cthresh=10)
Convolution3d(1,10,20,10,10,0,0) #i've also tried the vhsbq preset.


i've used the default settings for the noise filters but i still get the same problem which is i get black macroblocks in dark areas. i believe this has something to do with luma masking. i saw that on the xvid forum but was wondering how it applies to divx5.05 (i do a 2 pass only). i also tried using UnFilter but got smaller grainy macroblocks instead. also, the reason why i have all those noise filters is cuz i'm trying to get rid of as much noise possible without getting too much of a smoothing effect. i tried using fluxsmooth but didn't like it too much cuz it smoothened out the picture too much for my taste. i'm still searching for the right noise filter combination. the final output is meant as an divx avi. i've also taken out all the filters to see which one was the problem but i can't seem to pinpoint it exactly. i was beginning to wonder if it has anything to do with the blend=false in the field deinterlace. not sure.

what am i doing wrong? thanks for any help. :)