View Full Version : DVD Decryptor error questions

17th June 2003, 00:26
Howdy -

Tried to look this stuff up on the DVDdecryptor homepage, but ISP said that "the client wasn't logged on".

1) I was wondering exactly what the 'Fast Error Skip' check box enables/disengages?

2) What's the difference between the hardware read error retries, and software? I mean, I assume on the hardware it's self-explanatory, but how is there 'software read retries'?

Just curious!

17th June 2003, 07:22
Fast error skip tells the program to tell the drive to only retry a read operation or whatever a certain number of times. That is your 'hardware retries' bit.

The software retries is the number of times a read or write command is submitted to a drive (and errors out) before the program gives up and says 'yup, ok, there is a problem submitting this command'.

Ollie W. Holmes
15th July 2003, 22:42
I have never seen DVD Decrypter return an error count other than 0. Even on some nasty Netflix-rented dvds which where scuffed up, scratched, or blurry looking. My dvd drive is a Panasonic LF-D321. These very same dvds give my Sony and Panasonic standalone players a fit, with pixellation and freezes. Rips of these dvds play smoothly without said problems. Is this because the LF-D321 is such a great dvd-rom drive or is it some magical error correction that DVD Decrypter performs?