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12th June 2003, 23:54
Hi, capturing is kinda working these days, only problem is my broacaster compresses quite a lot, I am looking to denois, remove artifacts. I guess there are probably not filters for this easily avalible, so is there any noisers. Like the ones used in FFDShow that will permantly add noise to the file, I know this will decrease compressability but will look overall much better without any post-filtering.

Any help aprieceated,


16th June 2003, 04:06
BlockBuster for AviSynth: http://www.jungleweb.net/~sansgrip/avisynth/

Also, see the thread I started recently: http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?s=&threadid=55607

19th June 2003, 15:16
Doesn't work on my Version of 2.5. I am using 2.52 - it comesup th "Plugin... is not an AVISynth 2.5 plugin"

I am trying BlockBuster-2.5.dll

Help please:)


19th June 2003, 16:54
Update: Had quite some sucess with NoiseGenerator package. Blockbuster unfortunatly had no effect (I got BOTH versions 2.0 and 2.5 working under AVISynth 2.xx).

In noise generator, I am trying out settings like this: My entire *scruffy yet working* script:


vid=AVISource("D:\To Encode\BS_2.avi").Reverse.FadeOut(15).Reverse.FadeOut(15).Telecide().RemoveBorders(luma_threshold=100)

Layer(vid, UniformNoise(length=10000000), "add",6, use_chroma=false)


Notice, I have also used the RemoveBorders from that page, cheers whoever made it:).

It seems to work, but I am not quite sure how to go about tweaking the noise settings. I am sure it would look even better after this. Guess I will have to fiddle a little more.

With the settings, layer 8 instead of 6, I got an output of about 407k with a 100 frame sample (4 seconds). Without it, I got a result of 170k. I am very pleased with it though - if you saw it, you would agree, it looks much better. After some better encoding (450kbps CBR DivX3.11a was used:P) it would probably look even better - and be much better at compressing. I will have to try it on a TV episode sometime, a full one to really see what it looks like.

Ideally, we need a plugin (we being anyone capturing off digital satellite) which does a block searching (or maybe just an averaging) to determine how much noise to add. So it only adds noise to the frames (areas is a little bit extravegant) which need it. I don't have a clue how to go about doing this, but if this was possible, we could come up with some beautiful results. I am more than happy to provide samples of extreme blockyness if anyone wants to have a crack at it.



19th June 2003, 16:59
OOps - further update...

The main goal at the moment is to get the Noise Generators working with 2.5, then I can again uninstall 2.0x... Smelly:)

Here is the source of the filter if someone can do it: http://www.jungleweb.net/~sansgrip/avisynth/Noise_Generators-0.2_src.zip



19th June 2003, 18:15
Yup, for satellite and area-based detection routine that also includes motion detection would be wonderful. The goal is to stop the flat areas from appearing or getting larger.

There was a reply about using a dithering option in CCE instead of BlockBuster. DVD2SVCD doesn't show that as an option so I'm digging into the manual. It makes sense that preventing unwanted flatness would be better in the encoder.

Would be wonderful if there was a way to detect blockiness and make it a little noiser. I've often thought something like this in "almost black" areas would be great. Resetting the black point doesn't work because it adds more areas that are too dark. It's a little challenging to describe what I mean but I'm sure, given your note about satellite, you know about this.