View Full Version : white streaks using wintvgo tuner

8th June 2003, 06:57
it looks like when you have drop out or bad tracking on a vcr, but it is the tuner input into a wintvgo fm. little white horizontal streaks that mainly show up when the scene changes or there is a lot of panning. i think it has got to be a hardware problem, something like an irq problem on the pci bus, but moving the card to different slots doesn't seem to help.

hardware: asus p4c533 motherboard with 500M ram, p4 2.6, nvidia agp card, eide hardrive, audigy 1 sound card, netgear NIC, pioneer a04, logitec wireless keyboard and mouse, wintvgo fm. all in win2k.

i have a similar setup with a different motherboard, p3 1GHz, and i see no streaks.

so, the question is, has anyone seen similar with this capture card?

does anyone use this card and a p4 board with no streaks? what pci slot do you use/operating system?

(long shot) anyone use this motherboard?



8th June 2003, 18:51
via chipset poor PCI performance (chokes with the PCI traffic on capturing)
discussed many times,search the forum etc.
(recently "avih" mentioned it right here,so you have one pointer)

8th June 2003, 22:05
it is an intel chipset, but from what i could find after searching avih's posts in this forum it looks like what i'm trying to do is the way to proceed... and if i can't get it to work then it might be unfixable. boo.

thanks for the hit