View Full Version : Problem w/ Quadrant International CineMaster C 3.0

5th June 2003, 23:05
I have a Quadrant International CineMaster C 3.0 from an old dell computer that Im trying to put in my computer. The problem is my computer refuses to see it even thought I installed the drivers

My comp is
MB: Tyan Trinity 400
CPU: Celeron 500mhz
Ram: 512mb
OS: WinXP Pro

7th June 2003, 16:38
Do you have the proper drivers to use the card with XP?

The driver appears to be made by Microsoft and should be included with XP install. Have you tried to install it manually using add new hardware?


7th June 2003, 20:06
Yes, I used the WinXP drivers. Didnt know if it didnt like my comp because it wasnt a dell (dell does some funny stuff some times)