View Full Version : Which is the most cool/solid character from The Matrix Reloaded?

5th June 2003, 16:51
Note: It's a multiple choice poll.

This time you will be permanently deleted, Mr. Anderson! :devil:

5th June 2003, 17:32
The Keymaker PWNS you all!!! HAHAHAHAHA

6th June 2003, 01:44
I know this is unrelated to your poll, but I have heard that
the most solid feature is:


Go to:


6th June 2003, 17:14
I felt a bit disapointed with Reloaded, and part of that disapointment was also with the characters.

Yesterday I was talking to a girl friend of mine and we came to the conclusion that all characters from the first Matrix were completely washed out (specialy Neo) except for one which we both felt was getting bigger than the movie it self:scared:
Agent Smith.

Well I guess I started out this poll to find out if that was true...

...and at the moment there is no question about it!

Beware Iraqi Information Minister,
Agent Smith will soon erase you from the colective conciousness that makes out this matrix! :devil:

Today is 2003-6-6
Google search count on +Matrix +Neo returns around 169,000 records
Google search count on +Agent +Smith +Matrix is around 128,000.
We'll see what happens in a few matrixes...

6th June 2003, 18:13
yes, the Keymaker rocks.

16th June 2003, 15:34
Record: (10 days after)
Today is 2003-6-16
Google search count on +Matrix +Neo returns around 178,000 records
Google search count on +Agent +Smith +Matrix is around 129,000.

:angry: :angry: :angry:

I suggest we all change our nicknames to Agent Smith and board every forum known to man or program...:devil: