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4th June 2003, 23:48
I'm converting some old SVHS camcorder tapes to DVD by using a DC10+ card (the buggiest hardware i've ever used).

640x480. 640/480 = 1.33 = 4:3 aspectratio

native DVD PAL resulotion is 720x576, that's not a real 4:3 ratio, its more like 1.25.
The TV, software DVDplayer or Projetor is resizing the image to look like 4:3.

This means when you look at a sourcefile captured in 720x576, the actors on the screen looks kind of streched and its because its not the correct asepect ratio but its corrected by the TV when you watch it as DVD.

The DC10+ card captures avi's in 768x576. 768/576 = 1.33 = 4:3.
This means that avi clips captured with DC10+ has the correct aspect ratio from source, witch means that you need to resize it to 720x576
to get the correct aspectratio watching it on DVD.

Im correct so far aint i? :)

I use this procedure to make my MPEG2 file for the DVD

DC10+ -> avi -> Premiere edit -> videoserver -> TMPGEnc -> MPG2

What is the best program to do the resize with, is it premiere or TMPGEnc, (or a third party software?.
I've also noticed that i need to deinterlace the clips. What is best to use there, Premire TMPGEnc, third part software?


5th June 2003, 00:32
First: DVD-Format for analogue Sources is NOT 720x576, it is 704x576.

Second: The DC10 captures square Pixels, DVD uses non-Square Pixels.

Third: Pixel Aspect Ratio for 4:3 Movies is 1.092:1 - for both Resolutions: 720x576 AND 704x576! The 720-Format uses 16 Pixels overscan. But these 16 Pixels are not realy used for Picture (if the producer knows the standards..., some of them don't know them...)

OK, if you are capturing with 768x576, then you have DAR 4:3 PAL, PAR 1:1. You have to resize to 704x576 to get the correct Aspect Ratio (704x1.092=768).