View Full Version : How to get a perfect A/V sync with iuVCR?

2nd June 2003, 19:21

I'm using iuVCR (VD somehow doesn't work right with my capture card) to capture my Laserdiscs. Unfortunatelly I cannot get a proper A/V sync.
Well actually I can, when I set the Master Stream for Audio, but in that case I mostly get a avi file with 32 fps or something (should be rather 29.97 or similar). In other cases (with all other setting) I get an unsinchronized file and when I load it with VD it says the frame rate is in fact 29.97, but the option "Change so audio and video durations match" shows also about 31 or 32 fps...

I'm using PicVideo MJPEG codec for video and PCM for audio.
I have a TV card with the new conexant chip (2388) and a cheapo sound card (CMI 8738 chip) with optical input (which i use for capturing the sound from the laserdisc).

I would be gratefull for any suggestions.

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2nd June 2003, 21:01
Ok, I got it...

This was the last thing i checked and I came out that the recording sample rate of audio was set to 48 khz and the digital stream from the laserdisc is 44.1 khz and as my soundcard doesn't convert the sample rate (which is why I bought it...) the header was 48 khz and the sound was in fact 44.1 which caused a big desynchonization.



2nd June 2003, 21:37
Another way is to use VirtualVCR. (www.digtv.ws)

I discovered awhile ago it is much better than iuVCR. Using "resample audio" is better than choosing a master stream for sync.