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2nd June 2003, 18:27
aiight...i've searched the Internet near and far and can't seem to find a solid recommendation for a good video capture card for ~$50...here's what i'm looking to do...

i would like to take old home movies from a VCR tape (using a 4 head VCR w/ RCA audio out and composite video out) and transfer them to DVD...obviously, i would like a capture card that can do 720x480 (or something close to the DVD spec)...also, i will be capturing in raw, uncompressed AVI format and then encoding it into an MPEG2 for DVD authoring/burning (using TMPGenc prolly)

...to handle the power/speed necessary for AVI capture, i'm upgrading my system to an Athlon XP 2600 w/ 2 160gb 7200rpm/8mb cache drives in a RAID 0 array (the OS is gonna be on a separate 18gb drive)....i know some of u videophiles have some real high end capturing devices, but i was looking for something a little cheaper - i need it cheap b/c of all the other hardware i'm using ;).

any PCI/USB 2.0 device recommendations would be nice....thanks...sturmie

btw, i skimmed thru the FAQ, but found a lot of that hardware info to be over a year old in some cases....i was looking for some more current suggestions.

2nd June 2003, 19:14
someone on another forum recommended the Proling Pixelview XCapture (http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProduct.asp?DEPA=&submit=Go&description=Prolink+Pixelview+XC&searchdepa=0&order=Description) for $42 from NewEgg.com....does video (S-Video and composite) only, which is perfect for what i need....i'm just a little worried about possible audio sync errors when capturing....anyone else have a video only capture card?


2nd June 2003, 19:27
My card (AverTV with BT878 chip) includes a tuner that I don't use, and therefore came with a short audio jumper cable to go out from the capture card and into my soundcard. The audio-in on the capture card, as far as I know, is just a passthru to the audio-out when capturing S-video or composite -- making it easier to go back and forth to the tuner without recabling. In all cases, sound is captured via the soundcard.

I will admit to installing the jumper cable, just because one day I might want to use the tuner.

2nd June 2003, 19:31
I also have the aver stero card and it works well for me. The software that comes with it is not the best. I have good luck captureing ntsc 720x480 with power vcr II on this card. Good Luck

2nd June 2003, 19:38
Don't get the X-capture. I have one and their is way too much noise in it. It was the card of choice 5 months ago, but the noise issue never went away. Check out the computer hardware section of the avs forum. I think it's www.avsforum.com
They seem to really like the Flyvideo card, but people here seem to be having problems with it. Don't know if it's just a config issue or not. For the price I think I am going to try it.
Don't expect these cards to work at full resolution in Vdub. They seem to have problems with it. I use IUVCR with the X-capture and it works well enough, but it doesn't give you exactly 29.97. It's often off by a very small bit.


2nd June 2003, 19:54
i was looking at the AVerDVD EZMaker (PCI) and really liked it, but what chipset does that use? i hear the Conexant chipset is much better than the BT8x8 ones.

yeah, i hang out at AVSForum a lot - mainly in the ReplayTV section...i even posed this same question to them as well :)....i've also seen the FlyVideo product mentioned, but have heard mixed reviews about its compatibility - according to DVDRHelp.com.

i liked the appeal of the XCapture b/c it just does video and nothing else....what did u mean about the "noise"? i'm not sure i follow.

thanks for the help...sturmie

2nd June 2003, 20:24
According to someone who posted in this link from dvdrhelp.com (http://www.dvdrhelp.com/capturecards.php?CaptureCardRead=AverDVD%20EZMaker&Search=Search), the AverDVD's chip is a "Fusion" brand chip, based on the BT848. If you read the reports, people hate the software and have had integration trouble with 3rd party products.

[Edit:] And, as the chip is compatible with the BT878, it's probably what I have on my card as well. I use the BTWinCap drivers and avoid using Aver software.

2nd June 2003, 20:34
Originally posted by jggimi
According to someone who posted in this link from dvdrhelp.com (http://www.dvdrhelp.com/capturecards.php?CaptureCardRead=AverDVD%20EZMaker&Search=Search), the AverDVD's chip is a "Fusion" brand chip, based on the BT848. If you read the reports, people hate the software and have had integration trouble with 3rd party products. funny u should mention that, i just read those posts :)...i really hate using proprietary software and was gonna use something like Video Vegas or a different app to do the capturing....haven't really decided yet.

it's tough a choice b/c so many people rave about both the XCapture and the AverDVD....what to do, what to do....i like the fact that the XCapture has the newer 10 bit Conexant chip on it and it seems to work w/ 3rd party apps no problem. if anyone has any other comments for either card, please let me know soon....i'm looking to order one this week - of course, if that damn $30 CrapUSA rebate for the AverDVD didn't expire this past Saturday, it would have made my decision a lot easier - $42 vs $20 (after rebate) :).