View Full Version : how can we configure ffdshow in command line

1st June 2003, 18:01
I thought there must be a way to configure the ffdshow properly
But I can't find that all by my self.

I just want to write a .cmd to configure it automatically

3x if anyone can lend me a hand

2nd June 2003, 13:35
You can display ffdshow configuration dialog by calling

rundll32.exe ffdshow.ax,configure

in the directory where ffdshow is installed.

However there is no way how to directly modify ffdshow properties using command line. You can write your suggestion how this should work and very likely I'll implement this.

2nd June 2003, 14:01
Well you can always change the registry settings from command line. Look in Software/GNU/ffdshow under Local Machine, and Users

2nd June 2003, 15:37
thank you.
I've found the registry entry
Still I feel a commandline interface will be better
I've present my request


2nd June 2003, 18:00
What we really need is just a command-line tool to modify arbitrary registry keys. Being able to adjust ffdshow's settings would be just one of the benefits of such a thing.

2nd June 2003, 22:59
I don't get your point Defiler ... what do you think "reg import" is good for ?
Perhaps I missed something :D

2nd June 2003, 23:55
If you are limited to importing registry files, you have to have a separate .reg file for every parameter, and every possible setting of that parameter.
If there was a way to modify a key from the command line, you could do things like increment a setting in a loop, etc, etc.

Don't ask me to explain why you'd need to modify ffdshow's settings so often.. Ask the original poster. Heh.

However, given the need, I can see it being much easier with a generalized command-line tool for modifying the registry.

3rd June 2003, 11:04
Well I get it :)
I think I can write this, pretty easy to do. Should I ?

3rd June 2003, 11:41
This would be a really useful feature for me. I use ffdshow for real time processing of video captured through a PC capture card. Depending on the video source I am watching, laserdisc, cable, dvd, divx etc I would like to use different parameters. (different resize, sharpen, denoise etc)
Using reg import hacks would work, but it's not tidy and I'm sure the chance of things going wrong would be increased.
If it is decided this is a useful feature, I'd sure like to make sure it was well designed before Milan spends time implementing changes. This program is used for such a wide range of uses we need to ensure everybodies needs are catered for.

thanks in adv.

3rd June 2003, 12:52
Originally posted by TaZ4hvn
Well I get it :)
I think I can write this, pretty easy to do. Should I ? Yes. I think it would be useful.. even if not for ffdshow.. Heh.

3rd June 2003, 16:44
You can echo registry settings to a .reg file and then load that into reg import :).

3rd June 2003, 19:34
You can echo registry settings to a .reg file and then load that into reg import
Yep that's what I plan to do into a small complided batch.
Is something like:
RegKeyValue [Key] [Value]
enought ?

3rd June 2003, 21:28
Ok I wrote something, tell me if I have to modify in any way:

RegKeyValue0.1 by TaZ4hvn usage:
Place RKV.exe in C:\windows\system32\.
At prompt type:
RKV Key Name Value [Type]
Key (required). Begins with [ HKLM | HKCU | HKCR | HKU | HKCC ].
Name (required). The name, under the Key, to write.
Value (required). The value Name is to be set.
Type (optionnal). Type of Name. If omitted Type is dword.
To use long names, simply enclose arguments with "".
Example: RKV HKLM\Software\GNU\ffdshow xvid 2.

Get it: http://members.xoom.it/taz4hvn/RKV.exe

4th June 2003, 13:31
Just one question: do you want to modify ffdshow parameters during the processing or you would like to configure it and then run the application (player, graphedt,...)?

For the first case it would be little bit harder to do it right: the command line interface routines would have to find running ffdshow instances and this could be a problem if more than one exist.

The second case would be a lot easier.