View Full Version : dvd burning issues with Recordmax and Primo

28th May 2003, 08:53
I'm trying to burn data DVD-R discs with Record Stompmax with the Toshiba SDR5002. Anyway, when I try to burn discs with it, even if I specifically tell it to burn at 1x, it will say it's burning at 1x, then give me an equivalent time estimation, then immediately switch over to 2x and ruin my burns half the time since my discs are only rated for 1x. It only does this in actual record mode too, not test mode, very frustratring

To counter this, I tried out Prassi PrimoDVD, which has been working much better for me. However it refuses to burn any individual file more than 4 gigs, which is a problem for me as a few of my movie encodes are designed to take up the whole disc.

If anybody has a solution to EITHER of these problems it would be much appreciated, either one will fix things for me. Thanks

30th May 2003, 11:42
Why don't you let the speed on [Max]? It works for me.:D

31st May 2003, 00:34
because the max speed on my burner is 2x and my discs (Ritek) are only rated for 1x. Sure, it works some of the time, but about a third of the time it doesn't. I'd rather have it take longer to finish then screw up every other disc.

31st May 2003, 10:02
Max does not mean that it write faster than 2x it means the program in connection with the burner find out the max speed to burn. That can mean 1x 2x or the best speed to burn.:D