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28th May 2003, 06:59
Hey how you all doing, First I would personally thank all the people involved in developing avisynth it is just wonderfull :D

ok here is my problem, i think its a very bad ntsc to pal conversion
even played on tv its still very bad... here's the link to the vob file http://members.optushome.com.au/neo_flux/z.vob 10 meg on a very fast server -_^ (go australia)
i dont wanna really get technical cos i still don't really understand the full method of this stuff and i read up on most of the deinterlacing forums here and i tried some of them and didnt really work. if ya haveta get technical the go for it.

I tried this script

smoothdeinterlace(lacethresh=0, staticthresh=0, staticavg=100, tff=true, doublerate=false)

the picture is pretty good but it still has alota ghosting in it.
even when the fields a separated theres still like 2 frames every second that are blended, is it possible to remove them without much hassle?
so any1 wanna have a wack at it??

28th May 2003, 11:50
If u would have used the search funstio, u would have found numerous threads about these kind of bad transfers. No real good solution has been found in these case. No matter what u do u will always end up with lots of ghosting and blended fields. Just do a full blend of the fields and filter as much as the source allows to , to get rid of a lot of the artifacts. But a perfect result cannot be excpected though.
U can blame Madman for that :P
Go aussie :P

28th May 2003, 14:31
yeah i shoulda done a madman search... thx for telling me

28th May 2003, 15:20
madman do all the anime in australia :(
lukky i aint bought any of there dvds