View Full Version : Blank dvd with copy protection?

24th May 2003, 22:39
Used dvddecrypter to process a dvd movie.
Used Pinnacles InstantCopy to write a blank dvd from the Harddisk.
Get the message this dvd is copy protected.
I got the same message from an erased dvd-rw and a brand new dvd-r.
Can anyone explain this.

25th May 2003, 09:33
hmmm so it says that your DVD-r is copyright protected? or does it probably mean that your source is encrypted. perhaps you have gotten some settings wrong in dvd decrypter?

if it is a DVD-5 (single layer dvd) that you wan to copy, just make a iso copy with dvd decrypter!

please clarify if i have misunderstood something!