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8th May 2003, 15:08
i'm attaching a BeSplit version that managed to convert your dtswav into dts that works perfectly with PowerDVD as player.

edit : don't forget to post your logfiles.. !

21st May 2003, 23:26
I'm trying to convert a dts track to wav files using Azidts with Besweet and the latest GUI, but when I hit DTS to WAV after setting all the options azidts goes to launch but crashes immediately after. I have installed dtssource.ax so I know this is not the problem... any ideas?

22nd May 2003, 01:08
Have you installed InterVideo WinDVD Platinum?

22nd May 2003, 02:44
Yes I'm running WinDVD Platinum Recorder... I assume this does everything the standard Platinum version does?

22nd May 2003, 08:49
When you say crashes, does it throw an exception or come up with an error message??

Whenever it has failed for me it was because of something stupid I'd done, but it normally errored saying roughly what it was that Id done wrong.


22nd May 2003, 23:30
Nope no error message... just the usual 'azidts has caused an error and will be closed by windows', the generic program crash message.

23rd May 2003, 23:46
Have you tried it as a command line without the gui?

26th May 2003, 00:25
no not yet I'll give it a go and see what happens.

28th May 2003, 12:51
I will get an error when I try to split a DTS file after it has been converted from a dtswav file that had an open bitrate. If the bitrate was specified (i.e. 1411 kbs ) then it works fine. This is unfortunate for a lot of the DTS CD's out there are open. :(

Is this the same that you are experiencing?

30th May 2003, 00:43
I was using the example from another thread, it was 1411 dts from Laserdisc... I think it was 'open' as you described.

30th May 2003, 14:07
Here is an example of what I was dealing with. If you use besplit to convert the dtswav to dts and get this:

D:\DTS>d:\besweet\besplit -core( -input d:\DTS\source\track02.wav -output d:\dts\02.dts -type dtswav -fix ) -ota( -fs 44100 )

BeSplit v0.9b4 by DSPguru.

[00:00:00:000] +------- BeSplit -----
[00:00:00:000] | Input : d:\DTS\source\track02.wav
[00:00:00:000] | Source Sample-Rate: 44.1KHz
[00:00:00:000] | Channels Count: 5.1, Bitrate: Not specified
[00:00:00:000] | Output : d:\dts\02.dts
[00:00:00:000] +---------------------
[00:05:56:426] | Writing d:\dts\02.dts
[00:05:56:426] +---------------------
[00:05:56:426] Operation Completed !
[00:00:05:000] <-- Process Duration

The bitrate is not specified. In these cases if I try to split the dts file with azidts, I will get a program crash window in dtssource.ax. My goal was to create a DVD with multiple DTS CD's on it, but maestro will not take the dts file as created by besplit (or hypercube for that matter) so I would split the file into seperate wavs, and then use surcode to re-encode into a valid dts stream.

Has anyone else experienced this, or have a workable solution?

Thanks in advance.