View Full Version : what program is good for interlaced ntsc source?

7th May 2003, 22:26
I have tried DVD2One on NTSC Interlaced (surely Telicined material from ASIA)

and the quality sucks so bad.

Source is usually 140-170 minutes long filling up 5-7GB.

Using CCE manually with Telecide() makes picture little soft.

DVD2DVD-R, I can't set bitrates manually and authoring might be tough.

Pl. suggest

Imperial Zeppelin
8th May 2003, 19:07
I've had good results with InstantCopy, especially on STNG early seasons which is a mix of everything...

9th May 2003, 11:45

I have to agree with IMPERIAL ZEPPLIN. Unless you want to invest the time to deinterlace with TMPGenc -- and also have to completely reauthor the DVD -- give InstantCopy a try. The Pinnacle Web site has a trial version that you can download for free, if you'd like to try it out. Just use a ReWritable when running your test, since the program's a little problematical about letting you create your project onto your hard drive, and you should be fine. If the ReWritable looks acceptable to you, then simply use DVD Decypter or Smartripper to place your copy back onto your hard drive, where you can then burn it to a regular DVD-+R.

9th May 2003, 15:09
DVD2One, InstantCopy 7, DVD95Copy, and DVDShrink all faithfully retain the flags needed for NTSC, be it interlaced or film source. Any time you use an external encoder, such as CCE, you have to recreate these flags, and this is a huge issue.

I suspect your problem really is one of quality, and when the original DVD is around 6GB or more these programs show noticeable artifacts.

24th May 2003, 18:34
With IC 7.1.1, I get very good results very much better than
DVD2one. Thanks guys. But for movies of 150minutes or more,
I see that CCE approach is giving me block less copy.