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7th May 2003, 12:41
I have 3 computers on a 100Mbit lan.
One of the computers has a DVD drive and large HD's, where I always rip DVD to.
I would like to encode 2 movies at the same time by using one additional system on the LAN.

I installed Gordian knot 0.28 on bothe systems, including all necessary codecs.
I used the appropriate DVD2AVI (1.76, comes with GK 0.28) to process the Vob files of a movie.
When I select the .d2v file on a mapped network drive, Gordian knot reports it is not a valid DVD2AVI 1.76 file.
However when I open the same .d2v file on the machine where it is stored it opens normally.

Is there a setting I missed? (To be clear, it is no sharing/permissions problem, I am NOT a network/computer newbie :-) )

Thanks, Belgarath

7th May 2003, 12:55
On what computer did you create the project? The project-file points to the vob(s) (open it in notepad and you'll see), so if you've created the project-file on the "server" and try to open it via a mapping on the "client" this error is to be expected.

Try either creating the project-file on the client (open the vob on server, save project on client) or you could try manually changing the path in the d2v-file.

I'm not sure this is it, but it's likely.

7th May 2003, 13:11
Thanks, I'll give it a try....


7th May 2003, 23:39

Unfortunately, your suggestion did not work.

However, I found the solution myself:
The trick is to store the .d2v file locally on the network computer, while the Vob's can be on another computer.
This however only works if the network drives are mapped under the same drive-letters as they have on the machine they are connected to.