View Full Version : Xena DVDs: You Can't Make Chicken Salad Out of Chicken S**t!!

Imperial Zeppelin
2nd May 2003, 11:34
My buddy always uses that Chicken Salad saying and in this case, it's all too true. Got a hold of the Xena Season One DVDs, US version, yesterday and was totally disgusted with the quality of the originals. Basically they are visibly equivalent to a mediocre VHS copy.

They put 4, 45-minute episodes on each disc which is normal for episode shows like STNG, etc., but the quality is absolutely abysmal, lots of blockiness. If they were VOBs that I had generated with a 1 touch program like InstantCopy, I would have immediately turned around and fired up CCE. There isn't much overhead on the discs as there's only the 6.1 soundtrack, no foreign languages, no subs and no "making of, intereview with, the science of, etc." BS on the discs. The disc is 7.7 GB so they used a lot of storage; it's just amazing how poorly they did it.

Anyway, I'm trying CCE tonight with Smart Deinterlacing to see what I get. These files can't stand any visibly discernable degredation in quality.

Just a heads up so you guys can save your money...