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Master Yoda
24th April 2003, 00:56
Say i im encodeing a movie,and theres some extras.Say the extras only take up 190mb,how do i work out how much space i need to leave so i cant get as close to 4.36g as i can.When i say space i mean working out 190mb into GB.(ie. 190mb = 0.??gb)

Also whats the best Min bitrate i should use when re-encoding with CCE.As on the couple of movies ive re-encoded ive had the min bitrate at about 2000.


24th April 2003, 02:12
First thing - you need to work in bytes instead of GBs or even MBs. A DVD-R is 4,700,000,000 bytes or 4.38GB (please don't start the whole 'no- its 4.7GB' rubbish)

Here is my method of working out how to squeeze every byte out of DVD-R - you or others may not like it but hey, you asked.

1) Open you oringinal untouched Video_TS folder and select all files apart from the actual movie VOBS eg. all except VTS_01_1.VOB - VTS_01_6.VOB.

2) Right click and choose Properties - make a note of the size in bytes. Extract the AC3 track you want to use from your movie, right click and make a note of its size in bytes.

3) Now you have the size in bytes of all the menus, sound, special features etc. Take this figure and add 140,000,000 for VOB overhead. Now subtract this figure from 4,700,000,000 and you are left with an exact size for you *.mpv file in CCE

4) Do the first pass in CCE (Video Info File) then re-open CCE, open the *.ecl file for your conversion. Right-click the job and choose Edit. Click advanced and play with the average bitrate to get as close as possible to your calculated figure. CCE is very accurate with this and works in bytes.

5) Encode. Author. Burn. Congratulate self.

Oh and minimum bitrate I use is 200, some use 0 - have tried both, can see no difference. Basically you don't want crappy credits/blank screens eating 2000kb/s when they can be using next-to nothing.

Hope you can pick out the info you needed from my ramblings. :rolleyes:

Master Yoda
24th April 2003, 04:09

Oh its ok i know a dvdr holds 4.37gb.

Also once ive worked out the size in bytes is there a way i can convert that to GB, as the bitrate calc i use has the size in GB.

28th April 2003, 19:05
the formula u r asking is this

Mb/1024=GB, this means that to go from bytes to gb u have to divide by 1024^3 or 1073741824 and ofcourse to convert gb in bytes, just multiply by the same number (1073741824)