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14th April 2003, 15:19
Hello everybody.
I just want to make a proposal (Is this sentence English? ;)):
I'm a big fan of 2-pass encoding, but lately I've made many film with 1-pass quality based @ quant 2 targeting 800Meg(For the whole movie video+audio+subtitle)(these movies are less than 1hour45min).
And I'm very satisfied with the result (Resolution is equal or above 512/xxx, quality is great, and encoding time is nearly divided by 2).
for the size file I make a comp test and try to be @ [100..105]% of the comp test.
Can such a thing be implemented on gordianknot, I mean auto resolution(and crop) ajustement to be on the interval [100..105]% of comp test.

14th April 2003, 16:14
do you want:
a) one pass encoding in GK ?
b) automatic resolution adjustment ? (to 100% of comp test, which makes it quite unusual for automatic adjustment and you can always just move the slider to the left...)

15th April 2003, 12:58
That's right about the second point, forcing 100% of comp test could result in wired stuff.
One pass enconding should be enough.

16th April 2003, 15:34
I believe we should have 1-pass encoding, but not for 0.28...

16th April 2003, 15:45
It may be me being stupid but if u set the credits to the first frame and then changed the credit codec settings to what you like then you coukld get GKnot to do 1-pass encoding at what ever setting u like.

Just my 2 cents worth


16th April 2003, 15:52
but if you set start frame > 5th frame that will work :)