View Full Version : Mpeg2 encoder/decoder

14th April 2003, 04:58
I was just wondering if anyone out there would have any ideas of what would be a good Mpeg2 encoder/decoder board for between $500 - $800 US. I've already looked at the Sigma Designs REALmagic DVR the Canopus MVR1000 and Canopus Amber. Obviously the more features the better. Or am I wasting time and money when software encoding will do.

14th April 2003, 06:33
I think you first need to ask yourself what it is you're wanting to do exactly and the level of quality you require. Then start looking for the best peg to fit the hole you describe. You should also consider those cards that support miniDV if you have such a camcorder. You could "kill two birds with one stone" so-to-speak.