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7th April 2003, 20:31
I don't use divx5 because it's not free, and why pay a codec if there's a free one better: XvID 0.9.1 !

Divx 3 is reaaally old, DivX 5 is not free, XviD is better and free !

I hope that in Gk 0.28 final (and beta or alpha) XviD will see support for XviD ! Divx3 is prehistoric.

Autodub, dvdtoOgm, Dvx, support Xvid, why Gk doesn't support it ? I've see no post in this section about this question for xvid support in Gk ?

Avisynth 2.5.1 + recent filters like mpeg2dec3/c3d/fluxsmooth + XviD 0.9.1 "unstable" : is the best solution for encoding at this time and all this tools is avalaible for free.

Gk in my mind must support Xvid, and it's probably the "hop" of many users of Gk.

Hope this wiil be the reality for soon _

7th April 2003, 22:13
I think your prayers will soon be heard. XviD is definitely coming.

As for prehistoric.. a T-Rex would still give you a good fight for the money... I still prefer DivX3 over DivX5 for instance.

8th April 2003, 09:15
And what about full .ogm support in the new Gordian Knot?
When i left GK to use divx 5.0.3 i try DVDTOOGM and DVX and i have seen that .ogm files are better than .avi!

8th April 2003, 15:36
No OGM in 0.28, that's for sure...
(I'm planning to release it in less than two weeks - no time, that's why)

But, internally I have xvid support routines already - I need to connect them to the gui...

Scream in joy :)

8th April 2003, 16:00
Really looking forward to the final version, and xvid support would be really sweet :)

Thanks for all the hard work on GK :)

8th April 2003, 19:05
I need some serious testing of this.
(quick test worked for me, but space for errors is quite huge there...)

No credits support just yet (as they are internally supported, I will nee different from divx5 mechanism to set them...)
No recalculations after processing audio either yet...

But simple two-pass encoding+muxing should work.

Btw, which options of XVID should be enabled by default?
(Right now I only set pass, stats file and desired size...)

9th April 2003, 00:05
Option activated by default ?

Honestly each users still have a different opinion with xvid options, it depends of the movie type: fast, slow, black, light, noise or not, lenght of the movie in minutes, resolution used (resize hxl), etc...

But at least I suggest these settings by default:

- precision: 6
- vhq mode: 1
- chroma motion
- bframe: 3/150/100 > threshold by default = 0

... this should be enough most of the time for 1Cd and for 2Cd rip. And this settings are not "so slow" for ripping, and with a good avisynth script including a good denoiser like c3d or fluxsmooth, most of the time the quality will be very good imho ^^

At least the b-frame should be always activate: 3/150/100 > threshold by default = 0

Anyway i'm happy to see that Gk will using XviD :-)

9th April 2003, 07:23
about the default settings:

- precision: 6
- vhq mode: 1
- chroma motion
+(maybe chroma optimizer)
looks okay, but I don't like the idea of having b-frames activated by default,..

At least for me, whom I love 2CD rips, my rips look better if b-frames are disabled,...

Is it planed to have credit support for Xvid in the final version of 0.28 ?

Cu Selur

9th April 2003, 10:01
Originally posted by Selur
Is it planed to have credit support for Xvid in the final version of 0.28 ?

It is (coming in the next couple of days).
I's just I didn't have time to finish it yet, but wanted ppl starting playing with it...