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5th April 2003, 10:30
Hiya, the DVD I'm ripping is Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and I can't be doing with those nasty voiceovers ;) .

I've ripped the subs with subrip, got my .srt file, I also saved it as a .sub file and have converted it to a .smi file.

I've tried 2 methods so far, both failed. I tried adding the .srt file when I was muxing the audio with oggmux, that didn't work. I've also tried the method where you place the .smi file with the same file name (temporarily CTHD.cmi and CTHD.avi) in the same folder.

It shows the subtitles option in WMP9 when I right click - Captions and Subtitles - French (bizarrely it says french although they're in English, I notices this in the .smi file .FRCC {Name:French; lang: fr-FR;} so I guess that's changable) but no subtitles appear.

Could anyone give me a hand?

Thanks :)

edit - hehe, solved it. I didn't notice the delay of 52 seconds :rolleyes: that'll teach me a lesson!

Can anyone tell me how to make WMP recognise it as English not french? I'm guessing I could change it to FRCC {Name:English; lang: en-EN;}, will this work?

5th April 2003, 15:25
using windows media player classic dl at this site;)