View Full Version : Setting Divx through windows registry

4th April 2003, 21:04
Hi all!

This morning I found out I could set the entire Divx codec through the windows registry here:


There are ( I think ) all the settings you can access through the GUI of the codec and even more, like the "Warmth Filter" (never heard about it before) or decimal values for Psychovisual Enhancement. (It works with Frame Levels and Macroblocks Level....I had no time yet to test different values, but i'm pretty sure we can do some nice tweaking here)

Anyone has tried to tweak the codec from here?

Furthermore, it *seems* to be a kind of bug in VirtualDubMod 1.4.13

When changing the values in the registry, I have to quit VirtualDubMod, then restart it.

If not, old values seem to stay in the codec properties, like if VDM was storing them. it happens if I choose divx and press "OK" in the compression window. If I only press "cancel", then I can change the values through the registry as much as I want and VDM will take it.
(hope it's clear, quite difficult to describe it clearly :p)

My hypothesis is that VDM keep the codec setup someway (maybe in what it's written in the Jobfiles as SetCompData) and apply this saved configuration to the codec each time we open the codec configuration window. Anyone can tell me what's happening?

Thank you for reading my bad english :)