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28th March 2003, 07:26
Im trying to open up a d2v file using VirtualDubMod. I go to Open using an AviSynth Script, I select the d2v file and select MPEG2Source. But vdubmod wont open the script. I get this error, : "Script error: There is no function named MPEG2Source" I tried using directshowsource also, but no luck again. It says the format is unsupported when I try to use directshowsource. Any ideas? I read the FAQ and it said that i might have a bad install or wutever. So i uninstalled, and installed 2.5, still didnt work. Uninstalled that, then installed 2.08, still not working. Any help would be appreciated. thx.

28th March 2003, 07:32
mpeg2dec isn't part of neither vdubmod nor avisynth.. you have to manually get it, then add a line to your avs like this:
LoadPlugin("C:\Program Files\DoItFast4U\mpeg2dec3.dll")

Also, for AviSynth 2.5x you need a special version of mpeg2dec that you can find here: http://ziquash.chez.tiscali.fr/

28th March 2003, 07:51
ok, thx. ill give this a shot.