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27th March 2003, 00:07
Okay, let's say I've backed up an entire movie on one disk (regardless of what tool I've used). Now I want to make a second disk with the menu and all the extras. No movie, just all the extras. I've searched everywhere in the forums. I'd prefer to be able to use IfoEdit if possible. But the only guide I can find is how to split the movie VOBs so that you can spread the movie between 2 DVD-R's and then distribute the extras VOBs to either DVD. What if I don't want to split the movie. I just want the menu and extras on a seperate DVD. I've tried DVDXCOPY and it didn't work on the second DVD.

Can someone help?


27th March 2003, 00:36
Here's a guide you can try. Keeping Bonus Materials and Menu (http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?s=&threadid=45274)