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21st March 2003, 03:35
I have created the mpg files that were the result of 3 hours of work in this AMAZING program but the mpg file that was created is very odd... First off, the AR is way off: 480 square. (really squished, looks like it was encoded in 3:4 or turned at 90degrees) I chose 4:3 as the aspect ratio since thats what the dvd was. I didn't mess with any of the other tabs in the program. The audio is at a bitrate of 192 vs the 224 standard. There were a medley of other problems, including that Nero or Roxio EZ CD Creator couldn't use the files. It said the files were mpg 1 instead of 2 or vice versa-- either way, one didn't work. These 2 programs also seem to think that the VCD format only works up to 703megs, but the fuiles are created at 750???

I am using CCE 2.5, for the mpg enc. and my system is an XP/98SE DUALly with 2.5ghz processor (IV), 512 MB RDRAM. I have tons of disc space to mess around with stuff like this :D Other wise, I had absolutely no glitches or problems, what a niftey little program....

Thanks for the Time.
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21st March 2003, 06:45
Please read all the stickies. Pay close attention to the Guide and FAQ and the Mandatory Thread.
It seems you are setting DVD2SVCD up incorrectly.

You are trying to use Roxio software which is a big no no as it sucks. The Q+A will tell you the foolproof way to burn as well.

Your post is also sorely lacking in info. If you read these threads I am sure you not only will have a better grasp of what to do, but also if this still doesn't help you will know the info we need to even begin to help you.

Also read the guides at doom9 and the one at www.mrbass.org

I bet once you have read these most if not all of your problems will go away.


22nd March 2003, 02:43
First off, the AR is way off: 480 square.

That, at least, is a good thing. :)

I've learned SO MUCH at Doom9, but I have to admit the guides at DVDRHelp are a great place for beginners. Take a look at this one for an understanding of what SVCD is:


After you've poked around on that site, the more advanced and in-depth information you'll find here will make loads more sense. Now, of course you can use their guides, too, to create your VCDs/SVCDs, but they won't be as good as the ones you can create with DVD2SVCD.

this AMAZING program

I'll second that!