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Crazy Boozly
20th March 2003, 21:35
Hi fellow users...

I've tried everything - and I'm getting a bit frustrated... :-}

I cannot seem to rip VBR MP3 sound from AVI files. I've searched every forum, tried every piece of software suggested in any forum but it just won't work.

I've tried the following software: VirtualDub, Nandub, VirtualDubMod, AVI2MP3, Soundforge 6.0, Goldwave (latest version), Adobe Premiere 6.5, BeSweet, BeSplit, MAD, Canopus Coder, Cool Edit Pro, LAME, WinAMP 2 & 3 with plugins, TMPGEnc and any other unknown RIP or Demux program.

But I cannot seem te get the VBR MP3 sound ripped from the AVI files. Biggest frustration????? The movie plays okay in Windows Media Player (and even WinAMP).

And Yezzzz, I have demux-ed, saved as WAV (in any DUB program) over and over and over again. Even renamed the ripped MP3 to AC3 and converted it back to WAVE. But.... no luck.

Is there anyone out there - who can give me any help with this? It seems any rip/demux program just skips the silent parts of the sound. So the MP3 is always shorter in time (no even stretching in GoldWave/SoundForge/CoolEdit doesn't work).

My latest attempt? Completely re-encode the movie with no compression at all (cost me a lot Gigabytes). But - as you all could guess, no luck with that either....

Anyone? :confused:

Greetz, C.B.

21st March 2003, 09:51
not sure that this will help, but what the hell.

i'm don't know what you meant by "skip the silent part", but i do know this, you can uses goldwave to demux the audio from the video, just by dragging your avi into goldwave (doesn't work for all formats) and save your audio as wav (not sure about VBR audio), i'm not saying that the result will be different, but it's worth a try, if your desperate.

i also don't know why you're does this, if there's nothing wrong with the movie

Crazy Boozly
22nd March 2003, 08:37
I want to convert the AVI to SVCD with DVD2SVCD or some other program that converts AVI to MPEG2.

And, sorry, already tried that with GoldWave. No luck.

By 'skipping the silent parts' I mean te following. At certain frames in a movie there are moments when there is no sound. A silent period for about a second or two.
Normally, when you demux a CBR MP3, those silent-moments are converted (Demuxed) as well. But with VBR MP3 in AVI files these silent-moments doesn't get demuxed!
So it skips the silent-parts and puts the frame, where the next 'real' sound starts, right behind the last demuxed sound.

I hope I'm explaining this the right way....

Thanx for your response..

Greetz, C.B.

22nd March 2003, 10:28
that's so weird.

so your saying that your audio is out of sync the video, cause of the skipping, then there is one last thing you can do, fix it your self; manually.

#1 load your avi into virtualdub
#2 convert the audio in a wav file
#3 load your wav file into virtualdub -> audio -> wav audio, and find out where it's out of sync (skipping)
#4 load you wav file into goldwave (trail/error) and go to where the audio began to skip and add (paste)or delete what you think the difference is and save and play in virtualdub. keep doing this until the whole movie is perfect.

what ever you do, don't close GoldWave until you finish fix you audio, because it take to long to deflash a new audio file.

31st March 2003, 13:15
Is there any tool that can re-record audio out of a player in real-time instead of encoding audio out of a file (i.e "record" what is coming out of the player app instead on the file itself.) This sound will be lower quality - but surely a LOT better than re-syncing an entire video.

I have one where there are about 1000 "silent" patches.
And I think this is a problem in the newer xvid codec only.
I have never had this hassle with VBR MP3 in divx files.

/me looking at this problem as well.

Another thread with same problem:

31st March 2003, 20:03
I've put an answer to above thread, please visit it.
In fact, if you've readed/searched this forum carefully, you've got the answer already.

Crazy Boozly
31st March 2003, 20:24
Sorry htc10825,

Tried all your suggestions before (sorry to nag but I've mentionend in my message before, I've searched any forum and ried any suggestion).

They didn't work. That's because of the %*#$*$#! silences in between different frames.

Oh, and, I'm sorry Dani82, but your suggestion takes me days - or even weeks to do. And then the sounds isn't even perfectly sync!
I have about 12 to 15 movies with this same problem - I've tried to calculate the time I need to use your idea but - hey I've lost count... :-)

It was a good idea, though. But just for one short movie.

The idea of re-recording the sound isn't that bad. Just plugin the soundcard-out port to the soundcard-in port! Now I need some good software which can play and record at the same time..

Any suggestions?

Thanx again... and ofcourse my greetz,


1st April 2003, 07:09
Oops - Double Post - sorry.

1st April 2003, 07:09
htc10825 - Yes - I saw your previous posts -

Extracting the audio is the problem - extract Wav from Vdub, extract Mp3 and use besweet, headache or madplay to convert to wave etc etc etc etc.

Unfortunately the conversion to Wave (or any other format including re-encoding as CBR MP3 using Lame) "breaks" the audio.

As stated by Crazy Boozly the "silence" portions are the problem.
A manual sync exercise is rarely feasable due to the amount of errors. I have a 60min avi and the audio appears almost 5 minutes out. I started looking at manual sync - But there are way too many to do manually. The number of "errors" is often very high > 1000. There must be a way to convert the MP3 audio with "silences" to wave.

Original AVI:
Vid: =========================
Aud: ----- ------ ------ -----
(Where spaces are "silent - ie. bitrate 0 in VBR MP3)

Resultant wave:
Aud: ----------------------

re-Muxed AVI:
Vid: =========================
Aud: ----------------------

Also tried BeSlice and various MP3 "fix" apps.

1st April 2003, 10:00
at most it only takes me 20min to do a 20min sync job, but it is anime, it doesn't have to be perfect, just un-noticable; that and i only work with dvds and i have alot of experience doing it (cause the audio is always done manually)

Crazy Boozly:

just play your movie and uses 1 of your many sound-editing program to record the audio; assuming that will actually works.

1st April 2003, 14:33
Virtual Dub is not good for demux VBR MP3, use Nandub of course.

I use Wavelab for decompress VBR MP3 with good results. But as I see, it depends mainly from installed ACM for MP3. Try some newer Win Media Player. ( >6.4 )

However, it works fine with Headache too. Problem could be that it will not accept MP3 WAV file, but there is a lot of small conversion programs.

8th April 2003, 17:27
i had the same problem and i fixed it in _very_ facile way.
the vbr mp3 of my avis was a bit too short(maybe 2 seconds...).
so i just opened the avi in vdubmod, removed maybe 30secs of the credits, set audio to full processing mode (video to direct stream copy - duh) and saved. voila, a/v are back in sync while playback and in the final svcd.
this worked for me with 2 diff movies with diff delays, dunno if it works for every one.

hopes this helps,

9th April 2003, 07:36
Thanks for that bu - I have been trying to remove from the beginning, and/or delay audio - but still slight errors.

I will try and remove from the back.

I still find it strange that it's only on Xvid movies and only more recently (I've never had this error before).

14th April 2003, 15:58
plz read the answer I've wrote in