View Full Version : Create some TITTLE with only 5 vob???

20th March 2003, 08:37
Hello.... I have a cartoon series, with xxx_TS.IFO and xxxx_01_0.IFO corrupted, so I copy the 5 .VOB's in a new dir... and i create a new .IFO with ifoedit, but in the corrupted .ifo a have 5 PGC with 5 charapter for any PGC (Total=25), and whit ifoedit i can create only 1 pgc.....
Can I, with ifoedit or ifoupdate, create 5 pgc whit 5 charapter?? and how?

Please, help me! :( :( :(

my problem is.... when i star the first charapter to any Title the image freeze.... if i select charapter 2,3,4 or5 it's ok, if i select title 2 (charpter 6) freeze..... but if I look .VOB with powerdvd it's all ok!!!! .ifo are corrupted?