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14th March 2003, 12:40
Ok, this may not be what everyone has been expecting, this is a limited beta, the DVD Functions are disabled, you will not be able to play DVDs.

As you can see from the list below, there are A LOT of new features and fixes. The code has been drastically changed in a lot of areas.

Due to this, I want to make sure this version is stable, so please report any new issues (that were not there in beta 5.5).

I am aware that the seamless playback feature may not work for everyone. I don't think that all combinations of hardware/drivers/decoders are capable of making it work. Some allocate resources and won't allow these resources to be loaded twice and will CRASH if you try. So this feature may never be "standard", if it works for you, good. If it doesn't you can try switching around decoders to see if that may fix it for you (for example, PowerDVD's decoder don't like being used like this).

Changes from beta 5.5:

* New DVD Playback system. Instead of using a specific graph
file or gambling that windows can build it's own DVD Graph,
you can now specify which Audio/Video Decoder/Renderer
to use in any combination you want with an easy to use
interface. Maximum flexibility, minimum effort.

In addition to this interface, there's a new verification
tool that checks if the selected filters are properly
registered on your computer.

* New Setting (Options -> Settings -> Playback) allowing you to
have Zoom Player pre-buffer the next video file 10 seconds
before it starts playing. This Seamless Playback setting
can cut the time it takes Zoom Player to switch between
media tracks. There are a few limitations:
1. Doesn't work for Random Play at the moment.
2. For it to work with MPEG2 files (VOB/SVCD) you must use
the VMR9 renderer (this is a limitation of the MPEG2
decoders that won't work if there is a running overlay
surface already, since the VMR9 doesn't use an overlay
surface, it doesn't suffer from this).
You can enable the VMR9 renderer at Options->Manual Filter.
Note: DirectX-9 is required for the VMR9 to work.
3. It may not work well with custom media graphs.
4. The code is experimental, some display card drivers or
other system components may not like it.

* New Setting (Options -> DVD -> Values) allowing you to maintain
audio while in fast forward or rewind. Frankly, I've tried it
with both the PowerDVD and WinDVD filters and neither is capable
of this feature. Hopefully in the future they will be.

* New Setting (Options -> OSD -> Navigators) allowing you to have
Zoom Player check each media file if it has an accompanying subtitle
file and highlight it accordingly. This applies to the Media Library,
File and Play List Navigator interfaces.

* New Setting (Options -> OSD -> Navigators) allowing you to reposition
the navigators.

* New recursive Play List opening code.
When you now open a play list file (any supported format),
it will be automatically expanded. This allows for recursive
play lists. The only caveat is ... don't create a loop (two
lists referencing each other) or basically you'll end up in
a situation where the playlists load each other ad infinitum.

* New Web URL Navigator. The Web URL Navigator allows you to
assign a web address, Text or HTML file to a specific DVD or
Media file.

Media Files:
Create a URL file with the same base name as your media file,
but with the ".URL" extension.

DVD Discs:
Create a URL file by the name of "disc.url" in the local
DVD-Bookmarks directory (within the Zoom Player directory)
each previously loaded disc should have a directory if the
last position or disc definition data were saved.

The URL files are standard windows URL files, structure is
very simple. Create a text file that contains the following

or, for local HTML files:
URL=file:///c:/my local info/mydata.html
(Yes, the slashes are correct in both numbers and direction,
this is how windows stores paths in URL files)

You can also use the Dynamic "<FileName>" tag like this:

Any spaces in the filename are automatically converted to the
"_" underscore character as HTML urls do not allow for spaces.

If you open web pages that contain pop-ups, there's not much
I can do, you may be able to install pop-up prevention software
to combat those. Or simply don't assign cheesy sites.

When the Web URL Navigator is open, you can use the arrow
keys to scroll the pages and press Enter to close it.

Furthermore, instead of creating a URL file, you can create an
HTML or Text file. The following extensions are valid:
".HTML" + ".HTM" + ".TXT" + ".NFO".

* You can now use a MediaGraph file instructing Zoom Player how
to play a specific media file even when using a MediaGraph is
disabled in the options dialog.
This is useful for specific files that require special filters
to play while not altering your default playback method.
To use this, simply create a MediaGraph file with the same base
name as the media file you are trying to play and using the
MediaGraph extension.

For Example:
"My Video.avi"
"My Video.MediaGraph"

For more information on building MediaGraph files, open
"example_avi.mediagraph" within the MediaGraph directory in
any text editor.

* New example MediaGraph file for use with the Elecard MPEG2
decoders. I use it with the feature above for really corrupted
MPEG2 files which only the Elecard decoders seem capable of

* New Function "fnBringToFront" allowing you to force the Player
window to the front. The assigned keyboard macro is Alt+"1", but
really, it can't be used (since the window doesn't have focus),
but it can be assigned to remote devices such as Girder, which
is the whole point.

* You can now use Higher Fast Forward values in Media Mode if
you have the ReClock filter installed. You get get the ReClock
filter at : http://ogo.nerim.net/reclockfilter/
or at : http://www.doom9.org

* You can now set Zoom Player to close the open Media file when
playback ends.

* You can now set Double Click to Play / Pause. This can be
useful when using minimalistic skins with no buttons and the
single click is assigned to dragging the window.

* The Zoom Player registry location can now be altered by creating
a file called "zplayer.regpath" within the Zoom Player directory
and entering one line of text containing the new position.
For example: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\VirtuaMedia\ZoomPlayerDeus

By creating this file, you can have multiple versions of the
player running at once with different settings assigned to each.
(as long as each copy is being run from a different directory)

* You can now have ".df" Definition Files automatically add
additional media file segments to a multi-segment media file.
Zoom Player will scan the current directory and the root
directory on every drive for the additional segments.
See "default.df" for more information.

* You can now have ".df" Definition Files apply Audio Volume when
opening media/dvd files.

* The zplayer.zdf file now instructs Zoom Player to save audio
volume within definition files.

* New "cTransColor" skinning variable allowing you to create
color-keyed transparent Control Bars.

* New "cBarRightMargin" skinning variable allowing you to set
the right margin of the control bar so that you can better
draw it to interconnect with button graphics.

* New "<PlayListItems>" skinning constant allowing you to display
the number of items currently loaded within the Play List.

* Now "<PLWinWidth>", "<PLWinHeight>", "<PLWinHalfWidth>" and
"<PLWinHalfHeight>" skinning constant allowing you to position
items within the Play List window.

* Pressing Ctrl+"C" on the Information Panel moves the currently
playing file name into the Clipboard.

* The Playing and Path fields on the Information Panel are now

* New Reset button on the ID3Script section in case it somehow
got messed up and you want the original back.

* The beta version is now listed in the About box.

+ The Play List Editor is now fully skinnable. Backward support
for older skin that didn't include code for the Play List, a
simplistic yet functional play list is made available.

+ The "CreateExButton" skinning function has been expanded with
a few more parameters, and can now be used to add buttons to
the Play List Editor.

+ The Custom Audio Device setting no longer applies to DVD Mode.
Using the Customized DVD Mode you can choose which Audio Renderer
is used. With standard graphs, the Audio Renderer defined in
the graph is preserved.

+ Using the File Navigator, pressing Enter on a Drive listed on
the right-side panel will now open the entire drive while
respecting VCD/SVCD/DVD disc structure.

+ Play List Editor entries are now numbered.

+ When using the Skip/Jump/Seek commands, the changed time delta
is now displayed in the OSD.

+ Using the "/F" or "/Z" parameter now goes to fullscreen before
loading any files (so you don't see the user interface).
Also applies to "/M" and Minimize.

+ Expanded the control over the Play List color display.

+ Cosmetic modification of the Control Bar within the default skin.

+ Slight optimization to the Skin Drawing code.

- Fixed a bug where DVD playback would not always find the DVD if
it wasn't in the specified DVD Drive.

- Zoom Player can now handle DVD Discs that don't contain a menu
structure and will now end playback when the disc ends.

- Support for switching OGM Audio, Subtitle and Chapters is now
more reliable and future-proof, especially with non-english
versions of windows.

- Fixed a few crashes relating to an open context menu.

- Multiple Audio Track Media Files should now work with ReClock as
the Audio Renderer.

- Fixed "List Index Out of Bounds" error when enabling a custom
Audio Renderer without actually selecting one.

- /OpenDrive now works!

- Zoom Player now accepts the "File:///FileName.AVI" method of
executing media files.

- Control Bar is now hidden when a Navigator is opened.

- Better support for resolution changes when VMR9 is in use.

- Fixed a Scanline out of Range bug dealing with the background
image when an image didn't exist while the setting was enabled.

- Background Media Image wasn't covering entire video area under
some conditions.

- Association no longer wipes the current icon when the "Keep
Current Icon" is enabled and an Association is set.

- Couldn't use VMR9 in Media Mode alongside a custom Audio Device.

- Aspect Ratio Controls weren't working 100% properly in VMR9.

- SetDVDPath Trailer file command would be ignored under some

- Enqueing an item externally (through explorer) when nothing
was playing didn't start playback.

Download the limited beta here (http://www.inmatrix.com/files/zoomplayer_beta.shtml).

14th March 2003, 17:22
Hi, Blight,ever since you went to ( thailand ??? ) i have since stop using zoom player. And uses MPC. And i am glad a new beta is release. And i am testing it now.

As i say b4.... any chance that the advance option will be Hide from the option menu. Mainly for the averge joe user and not to scare them off.......

Or do you target Zoom to be a player for professional only??

15th March 2003, 10:52
I'm working on removing some of the obvious "this should always be enabled" settings and moving some of the other settings into more logical locations (like the control bar context menu/settings).

I'm not sure it can be made completely newbie friendly without sacrificing flexibility.

15th March 2003, 13:52
I don't know if that is possible.... ( my programming teacher always said nothing is impossible....... but i always find my excerise impossible for me to do. :D )

To have a setting interface change for "simple user" and "advance user". A bit like ICQ when you are in simple mode. A lot of advance function are hidden from newbies. And if choose advnace user the function will still be there for all people like flexiblity to choose from.

15th March 2003, 23:09
It's possible, I've already written a lot of the code to make it possible. The problem is... who's to decide what is simple and what is complex...

I may sit down and do it one of these days, but it probably won't be for v3.

16th March 2003, 13:13
OK... i will sit down ( when i have time ) to see which features i think is advance for a newbie and they don't want to see or touch, and write it down and give you to have a look.