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22nd February 2003, 23:26
I opened a movie I just got in Media Player 9 and it said the format was not supported...so I opened the file in VirtualDub and got these messages in order...

Reconstructing missing index block (aggressive mode)

Warning: VirtualDub has reconstructed the index for this file, but you have not specified rekeying in the extended open options dialog. Seeking in this file may be slow.

VirtualDub has detected an improper VBR audio encoding in the source AVI file and will rewrite the audio header with standard CBR values during processing for beter compatibility. This may introduce up to 13602 ms of skew from the video stream. If this is unacceptable, decompress the *entire* audio stream to an uncompressed WAV file and recompress with a constant bitrate encoder. (bitrate: 136.2+19.2kbs)

I have no clue what to do with this...how do I go about making this movie viewable???

23rd February 2003, 00:05
Apparently, your video is

a) incomplete (the missing index block) and
b) contains VBR-MP3

For b, you can use Virtual Dub Mod and check the Nandub-MP3 mode, when you try to open the file.

For a I have no real solution other than to download the rest. Well, there was a tool that could recreate the index from broken videos, so that you could watch what you already had, but I tested it only on Divx 3.11 and Divx 4. I got no clue if it would work with 5.02, 5.03 or Xvid.
Alternatively, you can try and recompress the broken video (not recommended).

17th January 2005, 09:16
Can anyone point me towards the tool that Schlumpf talks about in the above post?

I have the same problem as X-Nemesis. Allowing VirtualDub to reconstuct the file makes it openable in WMP, but as the error dialog warns, seeking is extremely slow.

Or if anyone knows an alternative way to try and fix the file, I would appreciate any suggestions.

17th January 2005, 10:39
open with extended options (check the box in the lower-left corner of the opening screen) and check "rederive key frame flags"... then save with direct stream copy.

18th January 2005, 07:12
Thanks stephanV, that did the trick with the video. In fact it might be my imagination, but it almost seems like it seeks even faster than most other files.

However, just as with the original poster, I still have the problem of the audio skew. My 'fixed' file is long enough that the audio actually finishes about 10 minutes before the video. Can someone elaborate on Schlumpf's suggestion about VDubMod? Can it be done simultaneously with the "rederive key frame flags" option?

18th January 2005, 09:17
do you get the VBR warning?

18th January 2005, 19:12
Yes, the warnings I get are identical to the original poster's.

18th January 2005, 20:48
you can do the ezact same thing with VirtualDubMod...

click "no" when asked to rewrite the header...

you could also remux your new file with something like AVIMux GUI.

19th January 2005, 07:07
Thanks for the help, but this noob is gonna need a little more assistance. I'm not familiar enough with VirtualDub to follow everything, but this is what I have so far:

Checked extended options box, checked rederive key frame flags box, let VDub reindex for a while. Now I am prompted to rewrite the header. I click 'no', and am left with the main working screen with no idea what to do next.

My first time through, I had clicked 'yes' and just changed to direct stream copy and saved. This gave me the file with fixed video, but skewed audio.

Any help is much appreciated.

19th January 2005, 10:10
after you click no, select direct stream copy and save :)

19th January 2005, 18:38
And this will give me a file with synced up video and audio?

I just want to be certain before I run it through again since the reindexing takes over an hour.

19th January 2005, 21:09
it should, but like i said you should be able to remux your re-indexed, out of synch file with AVIMux GUI and get it back in synch again.

25th January 2005, 06:09
It worked! Thanks for all the help stephanV. Didn't have to remux or anything.