View Full Version : doitfast4u/by vobid and tmpgtemplate?

19th February 2003, 08:53
i'm trying to use doitfast4u in combination with scenarist (previously using maestro) so i'm finding some of my old habits with maestro don't seem to work with this new method. i'm working with undercover brother and the extras (such as the deleted scenes) are stored in vobs by vts, vts2 for music video, cartoons, and alt ending and vts3 for the deleted scenes. in each vts, the individual clip (deleted scene, music video, etc.) is in a single vobid, combined with a blank vobid10 in vts2 or vobid18 in vts3 to end each title. so i'm using doitfast4u to split by vobid, but when i use tmpgenc to encode, i'm used to importing the tmpgtemplate that ifoedit generates for each ifo. but when it is by vobid, the template doesn't work since it's for the whole vts. so, do i really need the template or do i just select what the standard gop format is for this vts in the gop settings (ibbpbbpbbpbb in this case)? also, closed gop or open gop? i've always used open, but i've heard you need closed with scenarist. thanks in advanced,


25th February 2003, 22:05
Quite honestly, for what you've described (a second vobid that's only 1 frame long), I recommend just doing a pgc demux. VobID is possible, but a little overkill for that title.

I wish I could answer your question about tmpgenc, but I have absolutely no idea how to use DoItFast4U! with tmpgenc, I've always used CCE.

Closed GOP is also what I always use with Scenarist.