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16th February 2003, 19:55
I'm new to this, so bear with me. Ive been trying to capture video off my DV camcorder (Canon ZR45), and I've been using Ulead Videostudio 6 to this, simply because it captures in mpeg2 format ready to burn to a DVD. The problem is, when playing back video thats been captured, if there isn't much/any camera movement, the video appears fine. However, when the camera moves around in the scene, the video becomes extremely blocky (kinda like playing avideo game on the Atari 2600). Obviously, I must have some capture setting screwed up somewhere, but I don't know where. ANy suggestions? Or better yet, any better apps for capturing to DVD-Ready MPEGS? Ssceanyler and M$ movie maker only seem to capture to AVI.


16th February 2003, 21:06
If u wanna capture in MPEG2..than u must understand the nature of MPEG2. Capturing DVD MPEG on the FLY requires a lot a CPU processing power and the quality will not be good! For the simple reason becos Compression needs calculations on the codec..the higher the quality u wanna achive without the square blocks..the more TIME is needed for the Codec to calculate and analyse individual scenes and Frames for BEST MPEG quality output..capturing on the fly tends to give a standard compression output. No matter how good is MPEG compression on the fly, it will never beat Software encoder like TMPG and CCE.Look at how much time TMPG needs to encode your AVI file if you ever do it before. If it can be done much faster and gives best quality..WHY takes 10 hours to encode for a 1 half hour movie..on AMD athlon 1.3 Ghz.If u understand the technicalities of MPEG compression..u know if u want to capture on FLY then u have to suffer with lower quality.Especially on high action scene or rapid scene change!

My advice is try to capture UNCOMPRESS if u have the hardware to do it and compress to MPEG with TMPG. If u still cannot get it right! At least u know what and where to start looking along the line for the quality you want.

It takes time and experiments!

16th February 2003, 21:58
THanks for the info. I have a p4 2.53ghz with 1 gig of Mem, which i would assume would be more than enough for capturing, but again, im a total newb to this, so maybe not. What app is recommened to capture without any compression?

17th February 2003, 21:53
I am assuming that you are capturing the DV through your firewire port (if you aren't, you should be).

If you are capturing through your firewire port, you must then capture in DV avi. You can use Movie Maker or DVapp (freeware) to capture DV. DV takes 13 gig per hour. So you need a lot of hard disk space. Convert the DV avi file to mpeg with TMPGenc.

18th February 2003, 04:16
I'm just beginning also, and was wondering what video capture card I would need to install in my computer to connect my 8mm camcorder (analog) or VHS (analog) to it to bring home movies into my computer for later burning to DVD.

I've got some picture of my Mother, who has passed away, that my kids want, and putting into DVD format would be the preferred method.

I have the necessary codes in my computer to do avi to mpeg, just lack the means of getting avi into there to begin with.


18th February 2003, 15:20
vljenewein: The method that yg1968 outlines is the best in my opinion, use a DV camera or a device like the Canopus ADVC 100 to convert the analog video from vcr or older camcorder tapes to digital video, then input this via a firewire card into the PC. The cheap firewire card I bought ($AUS40) came with Ulead VideoStudio that will capture the DV at good quality and in my case nil frame drops or sync problems. Once the DV is captured, I encode with tmpgenc using a dvd template, then author with Ifoedit.
Prior to this method I had used BT 848 tuner/capture, ATI AIW 128, Asus v6800 deluxe, Asus v7700 deluxe, Leadtek Winfast 2000XP deluxe and was never really happy with the results from all except the v7700, but sadly nil XP support for this card.