View Full Version : Size of CDs 740, 800, or 900

14th February 2003, 02:26
Do you use still buy 74min cds peoples? What's the reason for this poll you may ask? Simple...I have an agenda and this is it. Perhaps if there's less than 10% that use cd sizes other than 80mins (just a wild guess) then perhaps dvd2svcd default settings could all default to 800 rather than the current mix as it seems to confuse people.

14th February 2003, 04:35
Ok I will bite. I don't think I have even seen 74 minute cd's for sale in a while.
I have even stopped using cd's so can we change the default to 4300 now? :)


14th February 2003, 04:42
4300...not quite...I petitioned for 800 default like a year ago and it didn't happen. So you can wait to petition for 4300 dvd size say in about a year or two. Sounds fair to me.

14th February 2003, 08:58
what? they still make 74 min cd's? :)
honestly i think they are harder to find than 80 min cd's (unless you are looking for rw's).

i just wish local stores would start selling 90 or 99 minute cd's.

but i do agree, dvd2svcd should default to 800.

14th February 2003, 16:56
i just wish local stores would start selling 90 or 99 minute cd's.
CompUSA has a sku for 99 minute cd-r's, but I have not seen them to date in the stores. Although others have found them.


15th February 2003, 04:00
I only use 80min, but I create 750mb file sizes, so as to leave room at the edge of the CD for fingerprints,LOL. I mean to leave room for errors in Bin/Cue creation. Also because some DVDs have a problem reading the last part of the disc, using this method has solved many problems for me. I can also store my Custon Made Labels, on the disc. I can also include software to play the disc...

13th March 2003, 13:45
Before you rush out and buy a spindle of 90s or more I'd check to make sure your burner supports the larger size.
It's not just a matter of bumping up the size in Nero.