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12th February 2003, 15:59
Iīve come across something...

This happened in more than one movie.

When I opened the VIDEO_TS folder of a DVD, Iīve encountered this:
There were several VOBīs for the movie, VTS_01_1.VOB, 2, 3, 4, and so on... and, although the first two were sized to 1Gb, the third or the fourth had 500Mb or so and the followings were 1Gb again except for the last one.

I used DVDDecrypter and ifoedit to strip the stremīs (movie only) and the VOBīs came corrected (all 1Gb except for the last one) but there was a problem... when i saw the movie, there was an enterview with the actors at the beginnig of the movie and if that enterview werenīt there, it would fit onto a DVD-R. Now it doesnīt have the correct size with the interview... what did I do wrong??

Why is that VOB in the middle of the others??

The movie was operation swordfish...


12th February 2003, 23:21
I've had the same problem with Twister and Mr. Majestic. All other dvd's have been fine.

What's the deal?


13th February 2003, 09:50
The smaller VOB is not a problem. I'm currently reading to figure out what the deal is with these and how they work (having encountered this on my "Band of Brothers" discs). You may want to run a search on "multiple PGCs".

14th February 2003, 00:55
Well, donīt you think that this "smaller" VOB has something to do with that enterview coming up??

These VOBīs are supposed to carry only the main movie, right?

Babu C.
16th February 2003, 07:30
The situation is very annoying. The movies that I am trying to backup are about 140 to 180 min long. Most of them have 5 or more VOB files. The last movie I tried to backup had 5 VOB files. The total run time is 137 min. The ripper shows all 5 VOB files, but the time is only shown as 1:31:26 - that is just 3 VOB files, and DVD2SVCD just makes 2 sets of bin/cue files. How can I make the program see all 5 files? The latest I did was starting DVD2AVI and added all 5 VOB files into it. It did make an XYZ.AC3 file and XYZ.d2v file, I assume of all 5 vob files. Is there any way to make DVD2SVCD start from this point? or is there another way? Any help appreciated!!

16th February 2003, 19:30
i don't know for sure, but you might be able to creat an avisynth script and feed it to dvd2svcd. since i've never used dvd2svcd though, i cannot tell.