View Full Version : no transparant subtitles in microdvd (overlay not detected)???

12th February 2003, 05:03
Dear group members,

On my old pc, ═ have made many microdvds
(with menus and so on). I wanted them to
play on my new notebook. Microdvd,
however, tells me that it is not possible
to display transparant subtitles due to
overlay not detected. This only happens
with divx3.11 encoded movies, not with
xvid movies. What┤s more, bsplayer shows
all my movies with transparant subtitles.
Unfortunately, bsplayer does not display
the whole microdvd that I made with
chapters and menus.

Could anyone please tell me how to solve
this problem? Any help is appreciated.

(does it have something to do with
windows xp or my integrated video

Thank you in advance.