View Full Version : Problem ripping Miramax DVDs with Decrypter

8th February 2003, 00:04
Any Mirimax DVD's I try to rip with DVD
Decrypter are getting this jumping effect. Right from
the start with the Miramax logo, it will play, then restart
after about 3 seconds, then advance a bit and continue to do
the same thing.

Identical thing happened with Kate and Leopold, another Miramax title.

I am ripping in file mode and trying to extract the movie only. I notice that these are multi angle DVD also.

Anyone know anything about this?

8th February 2003, 00:24
Ok, I think I figured it out. It is the multiple angles. Without copying the master IFO file, the software player does not know which angle to play, so it tries to play both.