View Full Version : imglib.dll is there still wont work!

5th February 2003, 03:15
i am trying to split a dvd9 into two.
-everytime i try to create an image with either ifoedit i get the imglib.dll problem. it is in the same directory as img tool, and i have just recently dl the newest versions of both. what is wrong here? I CAN get the dll to work with imgtool however. yet when i am working in this program i have yet another problem.

-when i click on the "create image" tab it tells me it cant find the Video_TS or video IFO file. yet they are right there, in the directory i told it to look.

-in case no one knows, i was also trying to burn directly with gearpro and i get these two errors,1. llegal title number in video manger info file, 2.cannot read title search pointer table.
*EDIT> nm, i feel dumb now. all i had to do to get it to create an image was make a new VIDEO_TS. i assumed that when it said that it couldnt find it ,it was refering to the original inupt dir, not the new hdd it made. this is sort of a bug though, and is confusing,it should copy your folders with the files.