View Full Version : Scenarist, what i'm doing wrong?

4th February 2003, 16:19
Ok, that's the question.
I'm trying to do this simple thing

1 language menu in VIDEOMANAGER with a still menu (PGC) with 2 buttons that point:

btn n. 1 to the english language menu in VTS_01
btn n. 2 to the italian language menu in VTS_01

Both this language menu in VTS_01 are "root menu"

The problem is that only the english one works, the button to the italian one doesn't work and redirect to the english language menu

Is it possible to do what i want? Or have to use another way?


5th February 2003, 12:42
The language for the menu in the vts are used by the player défault language that you have put in. And you can't by-pass it. You have to put the italian and the english in the same menu language and use a gprm to know where to go.

Where are your button in vts menu ?