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2nd February 2003, 02:54
This doesn't intend to be a debate where to put announcements and indications of where to buy, it intends to be a warning where not to buy your CD and DVDs.

We will begin for a situation that hed to me.

In the past 2002/11/22 I bought with my VISA 300 DVD-R Zero Defex in CD-R Media.co.uk (FocusMove.com Ltd). ONE month later I received the goods, the problem is that instead of receiving DVDs received CD of the same brand.

After several e-mails and 4 phone calls from Portugal to England they didn't solve my problem. To my e-mails they didn't answer, with the phone calls they affirmed that will solve the problem sending DVDs.

Passed TWO months I continue with the problem for solving.

That is so much more serious as this is a source where many European consumers and especially English are supplied of DVDs.


Luis Pereira

2nd February 2003, 03:20
if you used your visa you should be protected against such things. you should call them and contest the charges. if they say that it was too long ago tell them it is fraud and there is no time limit when fraud was involved.