View Full Version : Playing DVD from HDD with ZoomPlayer

28th January 2003, 19:11
Hello everybody,

i have a question. When i'm ripping a dvd to my hdd, i copy the whole files with smartripper to a directory. From here i want to view the dvd. But this only works with powerdvd. I want it to work properly with windvd or zoomplayer.
I try to select the option "Play DVD from Directory", but if i select a DVD in a directory, then i get a pop-up where WinDVD asks to change the region-setting from Region 2 to Region 2. I press Ok and the player does nothing.
I select to play from the DVD-directory, and it works. But when i select the PowerDVD filters i only get Stereo Sound. If i select the windvd filters, so i can select 5.1 surround sound, but the channel mapping is wrong!? The center plays from right, the left channel from the center, the subwoofer from a rear channel and so on.
Here all from above works fine, but the output on my TV doesn't wotk well. I get the same picture on TV as on my monitor, no overscan and it plays with breaks. (I have a ATi Radeon 8500)

Does anyone have any clue to solve at least one of these problems????