View Full Version : Some NTSC 2 PAL issues/questions.

25th January 2003, 23:18
Hi there!

I'm trying to do make a PAL version of some certain NTSC Anime DVDs of mine. I don't have a DVD writer yet, but I'll soon have, so for the moment I'm just doing test with a "MiniDVD". And I have a few questions.

Getting the video right isn't a big deal.

Getting the audio isn't a big deal either, using Besweet/AC3enc, however I'd like to do a time strech using Prosoniq TimeFactory rather that resample. What do you guys use to encode a stereo wave file (or 6 mono wave files) into a valid ac3 stream?

Getting the subtitles right I don't quite get. One of the DVDs I wanna do is "Crest of the Stars", and there are 2 colored subtitles, so I wanna use the raw subs demuxed with Vobedit. How can I re-assign the subtitles to the correct time-position after the SpeedUP from 23.976 to 25 fps? Same with the chapters.

How'd you do it?

[EDIT]Maybe I should add that I'm pretty new in the DVD authoring business, but I'm not dumb. Just point me into a direction and I'm sure I can figure out the details for myself. And thanks for the help.

18th April 2003, 20:47
you would contract the audio by 95.904%, keep formants mono algorithm. Do this for each wave.

Do a search with the subtitles. I think you can use Vobsub to speed them up to 25 fps.