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22nd January 2003, 19:44
x2real is a beta DVD to RV9 conversion tool.
For the moment, only tested under XP and W2000 (coz no others OS)

x2real (build 3022)
*fix a bug with crop window and NTSC DVD
*fix a little bug with final bitrate
*added previous/next frame buttons in crop/preview to prevent lost seeking
*Deinterlace and custom filters are now available
*ability to edit script before final preview
*add 2 new (but incomplete..) translations: German and Spanish
*jobs with same .ac3 or .wav audio file won't be extracted to .wav twice


feel free to report bugs : akabob@lalternative.org

thx to beta testers :)

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23rd January 2003, 00:33
So far so good, but what what audio bitrate is used? 64kbps?

23rd January 2003, 08:53
no 96 kbs is default settings, in my opinion it's the best.
Most of the time, people always use same audio bitrate for all their rips.

I could add choice for audio bitrate, but is this really that important ? 96 kbs give very good results.

PS: don't care about my English :)

23rd January 2003, 10:20
We definately need more audio kbps !
At least thats my opinion...

23rd January 2003, 11:19
all right guys :)
this will be included in next build.


23rd January 2003, 13:26
Now the cropping window and slider works ok and no problems with cropping anymore.
The slider in the 'final preview' -window doesn't work, but that's not a big issue since you can skip the picture with those search buttons.

If I have a delay value in audio, I couldn't input it anywhere? Is my final audio going to be out of synch then? I did such a short test-clip that I couldn't notice it yet.
Also DubProgress -window is little bit buggy with graphics but does otherwise work very good.

Best thing about this program is definetely that you can put jobs in queue and edit your avs-script. This tool definetely comes in handy when you are encoding tv-series like me and you can convert more episodes on one night.

Also I guess you can put your own resize values to the avs -script put would have been nice to edit them in that tool also.

But anyway..since you dont have to put in any audio profiles ym this is definetely one automated -tool :)

However, that audio delay must be somehow be fixed if it exist. And If you put 12 episodes in queue and there isn't any chance to delete temp wav -files it may hurt my little HD :)

23rd January 2003, 14:44
How can i tell the tool not to use mpegdecoder but mpeg2dec3?

23rd January 2003, 15:12
It's possible but not tested yet!

I've just re-uploaded latest build (3022) and patch because I just discovered that video and audio synchronization was sometimes lost using Nic's MPEG2Dec.dll when a small part of the movie was selected (8 seconds sample with Avisynth Trim)

Now, only mpeg2dec.dll is used and that solve the problem.
Anyway, on 2 computers (IBM P3 900/W2000 Pro/GForce 2 MX/NVidia drivers 6.13/DirectX 8.1/Avisynth 2.0.7), mpeg2dec.dll produce 'unrecognize exception'.

any idea ?

I thought mpeg2dec3.dll was only available for Avisynth 2.5 ? Have you got a Avisynth 2.0.x version ?

x2real avisynth scripts are stored into

-> crop.avs is used when you set cropping
-> stream.avs is used for the rest

Filters are stored into

They are all configured for Avisynth 2.0.x, anyway you can install Avisynth 2.5 and change their content :)
As you will see,
{APPPATH} will be replaced with x2real folder path
{VIDEOFILE} will be replaced with full path to .d2v file
{AUDIOFILE} will be replaced with full path to .wav file (replaced only when encoding to prevent same AC3 -> WAV conversion if 2 jobs use same audio source)

23rd January 2003, 17:00
yes, mpeg2dec3 produced only unrecognized exptions. i think. yet, i am not quit sure if i did everything right. btw, why mustn't i edit the avs file above the line?


+ native avisynth 2.5 support would be nice
+ avs files as input-video stream also

just my 13 iraqi dinar

23rd January 2003, 17:27
parameters about avs file above the line are audio and video files setup, parameters below is selection setup (movie cropped length) and if you change it, final duration won't be updated and calculated bitrate would be false.

Could you post here a zip file of avisynth folder (x2real\bin\avisynth) with 2.5 changes. ? (including dlls)

You said mpeg2dec3 and Avisynth 2.5 produce unrecognized exceptions didn't you? can this problem be solved ?

23rd January 2003, 17:43
i am really sorry. this attempt of mine was just a quick and dirty do-i-get-it-to-work thing. so the avs file no longer exists. perhaps i will have some time in the next days. sorry again.

23rd January 2003, 19:25
Native Avisynth 2.5 is quite easy to do.
All you need is to update x2real avs template files with 2.5 versions


I think it's too early for the moment, Avisynth 2.5 is still in alpha stage.
But if someone wanna do the replacement job and report results here, no problem !!

I'm also looking for other language .translation files

working on next build ...

23rd January 2003, 21:33
currently doing a test encode with avisynth 2.5, mpeg2dec3, and FastBicubicResize(xxx,xxx,0,2/3). Oh, boy 12,5 fps ...

24th January 2003, 09:45
Which exact version of Avisynth 2.5 do you test ?
I didn't found FastBicubicResize, is this an external plugin ?

12,5 fps, ok but what processor ?

see ya++

24th January 2003, 10:05
my processor is an athlon xp 1533Mhz.
FastBicubic is a plugin by marcfd, you can get it from his site. the plugin is called BicublinResize.

i encoded a short clip of about 4min at 592x304 and about 950kbit/s. The quality was not so good. Very smooth and glibbery picture. yet, i will have to do a full movie in order to give the codec the chance to smooth out high bit usage.

Gosh! its gone. i did a full two pass encode but the target file wasn't created, and, the temporary file that had nearly choked my c: drive before is gone either. :eek: so i can not check the quality of rv9 :(

would it be possible to make the temporary folder respect the target folder setting?


i just moved the app to the same drive as the destination folder and upgraded to mileston 3 by extracting into the relvant folders. now i get 'error can't initialize ouput'