View Full Version : Subrip: skipping....too small/short

12th January 2003, 22:27
I have a problem with Ifoedit. When I try to author new DVD, at the
end of authoring, 'bout 99% it sad something like: Too many frames
droped, and its stop. The new *.vob files are already created, but
with no suptitles in it. So I am try to rip subtitles with subrip, but Subrip always sad: skipping....too small/short.
I have ripped *.wob and *.ifo files to my HDD.

Its hapening only with one movie....all others subtitles on another movies were good ripped, and authored with ifoedit.

Please help.


13th January 2003, 09:12
*.sup files produced by SubRip has (should have - bug in v1.14 :-) nothing to do with Ifo(Vob)Edit's *.sup file. It's some kind of internal format for test purpose only.