View Full Version : pointless question, ripping speed

7th January 2003, 10:26
i red alot of posts where people complain about not being able to ripping a dvd at their max dvd-rom speed, and the answer alway been about enabling dma.

i'm not really expecting an answer.

i have a 8x dvd-rom with dma enabled, i always get around 4-6x while decrypting an dvd, but never beyond; should it be ripping faster than that, or should i take what i can get?

also, i red somewhere that when i burn a vcd with EzCd with cd-i enabled, it causes the dvd-rom to freeze after each chapter for a while, does anybody know why?, i'm also using Nero, so don't ask.

1 more thing, what's the past tense of read?, i can't ever seem to remember that.

8th January 2003, 18:07
4 - 6x is cool. I doubt many people rip at the maximum speed of their drive.

17th January 2003, 15:07
You should feel lucky. I can only read at 2x. I have a Sony DRU-500a. I temporarily had a TDK, and it worked great for speed, but nothing like you have. 6x, you must be ripping in like 15 minutes or something.

Read (pronounced red) is the past tense of read (pronounced reed).

This concludes the english lesson for today, come back tomorrow for another lesson:)