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7th January 2003, 08:49
I want to know how do I put the recorded stuff from the camcorder to the computer. And is what a good program is and is there a good free one or a good one that isn't a big file so I could download it.

7th January 2003, 09:15
In the Links thread:
you'll find PureMotion's free capture program. There are some other free progs as well, like dvio.

If you have a DV editing software, like Adobe's Premiere or Ulead's MediaStudio Pro, you can use the integrated capture tools.

A lot of people swear on Scenalyzer, too. Personally, I don't have any experience with the newer versions.


7th January 2003, 20:34
I installed all the stuff for the camera it's a Panasonic PV-DV102D and I can make it work as a web cam but it doesn't work as a capture or dv device I used the drivers on the cd they gave me ( driver is called Panasonic Digital Palmcorder). I used the program Edit Studio 3 and virtual dub. Ans what are those codecs for?

8th January 2003, 07:25
Didn't find a "PV-DV102D" on the web. Maybe you're speaking of a "PV-DV201" camcorder.

Did you connect your camcorder through a firewire cable to your computer?

Did you try the capture program included in EditStudio?

Did you select a capture device (e.g. MS blabla...)?

"Those codecs" are probably DV codecs you'll need to edit DV files. VfW codecs are necessary for VfW applications like VirtualDub.

Please be more specific.


8th January 2003, 09:02
Try PV-DV102. will show at www.panasonic.com
I cannected through the usb cable that came with it.
Ya I tried the capture program.
Did I select a capture device? I don't get what to do there, that might be the problem so how do I select one or check it.

8th January 2003, 15:44
According to the Panasonic site your camcorder has a i.LINK (IEEE 1394 PC Interface), also known as Firewire port. You should connect the cam to the PC using that one. I guess you won't get DV video through the USB, at least not with the common capture programs. As far as I know the USB interface is for photos / web cam only.

You need:
1. A firewire cable
2. A firewire card in your PC (or onboard)

If you don't have that yet, buy a cheap OHCI compliant one having a firewire cable in the box. Usually you get it bundled with some DV software, too.


8th January 2003, 17:55
Thanks that helped me alot and that excplaned why I got the web cam and pic. still. Can u tell where I can get exactly what I need so I don't screw it up and tell me how much?

9th January 2003, 07:37
You should get the firewire card wherever you can buy computer hardware. You can get good ones for /$ 50,- or even less. The main difference between the various models is how many firewire ports there are (usually two or three, but you need only one), and which software is included. Make sure you have a firewire cable in the box, else it will be expensive if you buy it seperately.

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