View Full Version : how to use a .sub file?

31st December 2002, 00:38
How do you use .sub files? I downloaded a movie that also came with a .sub file by the same name. All I want to do is watch the movie with the subtitles.

Seems that vobsub or direct vobsub needs to be used, but trying to follow the vobsub guides or forum threads doesn’t seem to be helping. The movie did not come with an IFO or IDX file. When following the guides I cant get past the "rundll32 vobsub.dll,Cutter" step since saveas never ungreys for me.

The forum/guides seem to talk about playing the movie in windows media player (my standard) or minidvd by right clicking on the window and selecting language or otherwise loading the subfil. Neither program allows me to do this.

Sorry for the extra helping of ignorance, I clearly have no idea what I am doing. Thanks in advance.


31st December 2002, 02:22
the sub file you have is a Textbased Sub file not the actual idx/sub file that you get when using with Vobsub.. If you name your file with your movie so like
and you have DirectVobsub installed it should load the sub file and display the subs onto the video.

31st December 2002, 10:15
Thanks, that was it :)