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27th December 2002, 17:59
I want to re-encode DVD9 so it would fit DVD-R, but I only want the movie with AC3 and
the original chapters selection screen with proper chapter points...and nothing else.

How do I strip the original chapter selection and rebuild the dvd structure using either DVD Workshop or IfoEdit. I can't afford Maestro/Scenarist.

I've been experimenting with Attack of The Clones. Re-encode part was easy, rip the original chapters selections screens and pointers, I have no clues.

Thanks for any info...

27th December 2002, 19:47
If you want to use the original menu, you will need to follow a "full backup" guide such as these. (http://dvdguides.trilight.net) However, if you are wanting to "rip the menu", you will have to recreate it yourself. You can take screenshots with something like PowerDVD and then rip the sub masks with SubRip. The "pointers" you mention will have to be recreated by you in the authoring software though. Personally, I find it not worth the effort unless you just really have to change the overall functionality of the menu (adding extra buttons, screens, etc.)

I highly suggest you just keep the original menu by following one of the guides I mentioned. I know they reference Maestro and Scenarist but the basics for reintegration apply across the board. If you can recreate your VTS sets properly (be careful, this is a big "IF") in other software, you can use the same steps in the guides for "reintegration" with the original menu.