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27th December 2002, 00:50
Hi Everybody!

I am using a Sony DRU120.
I tried different Media (eProformance, Memorex, FujiFilm)
and EVERY single one of them works very nicely so far on any computer it was tried on. But NONE worked on any of the standalone players I could get my hands on (Mine is a Pioneer RV32 or somesuch)
I am using the DVD Movie option in Nero. Never get any errors. Can't use the Create Image option in IfoEdit, because I always get the "Can't find Imglib.dll" error.

Any Ideas what I'm doing wrong here?

Help is greatly appreciated since frustration levels are soaring right now!



27th December 2002, 08:02
Download "Imglib.dll" from the net and put it in the same directory as infoedit.

Then try that. Additionally you standalone player my be incompatible with DVD+RW media.

27th December 2002, 12:52
A bit of search is needed...

Question about imglib is STICKY in ifoedit forum...
imglib can be found anyway just following the download link on this site...

And regarding compatibility, be more precise. How did you proceed ?

To test : DVDdecrypter : ISO read, ISO write on a DVD5 and check if your standalone work with that.

And again, there is a sticky post on "How to test media compatibility" in this forum.

Please, read post, read guides, and then, ask.

27th December 2002, 13:30
it could be that certain Pioneer players don't support DVD+R.. after all Pioneer is the staunchest supporter of the competing DVD-R format. Check the DVD player database at www.vcdhelp.com and look up your player. And please upgrade your Nero.. Nero isn't the greatest tool to burn DVDs to begin with and old versions are especially bad.

29th December 2002, 04:34
Alright. I did everything as suggested. Thanks a lot for all the tips. Especially the one with the Website to check for compatibility was a big help. Also all the stickies.
It was like this: I burned the image of a known "good" DVD5 on all different +RW Media I have and tried them on my Panasonic RV32. NONE worked. Guess what. The RV32 does NOT support +R(W). No way.
Went and got a $50 player at Best Buy and am now the happiest man on earth. BTW: my old +Rs and +RWs burned with NERO still don't work. Even with the new player. Only making an image and burning with DVD Decrypter really works.

Next time I read all the info before I complain.

Thanks guys!