View Full Version : A program that will identify CD-R media ?

22nd December 2002, 20:53

I just went down to my local computer shop in order to buy a spindle of 100 Taiyo Yunden CD-R media (Professional Gold). However they informed me that the only spindle Taiyo Yunden CD-Rs they had, were the ones without the logo on them. When I asked them how I was supposed to be sure that these disks were actually Taiyo Yunden, they told me that I could check them with a program and find out that they were in fact made by Taiyo Yunden in Japan.

My question is, which program can identify the brand of a CD-R media ? Has anyone heard about Taiyo Yunden CD-R media without a logo on them, or is my local computer shop trying to sell me some no-name CD-Rs, presenting them as Taiyo Yunden ?

Thanks for any help.

22nd December 2002, 21:39
nero cd speed can show you the manufacturer of a cdr and the type.
i think its the overburning test. real cool, it gives you the exact mb you can overburn. and then it stores the info of the cdr in a database.

nero cd speed came bundled with burning rom

22nd December 2002, 22:49
Here you go (http://www.gum.de/cdrid/)